Strata and Body Corporate Management Painting

air apartmentsSEATON PAINTERS and ADELAIDE COMMERCIAL PAINTERS are the most experienced strata & body corporate painters in adelaide since 1988.

 We have worked with only the most professional strata managements, and strata managers in adelaide. We have a great understanding and knowledge of strata laws & procedure in reference to painting strata & body corporate managed properties. We only work with reputable strata & body corporate managements so clients can receive the best result in unit or apartment painting.

There are many people to consider when painting Strata and body corporate groups.
It is a large expense to the Strata and Body Corporate, and a big decision which is needed to be made with confidence.


offers the following:-

  • Comprehensive quote outlining the preparation and body corporate painting work that will take place. 
  • Experienced understanding of specifications and work schedules when quoting. 
  • Ongoing contact with Strata & Body Corporate managers, and residents where appropriate to keep all parties informed of job progress.
  • Premium paint  and materials on all job sites.
  • Finally a Maintenance schedule with important information of paint care. Guarantees, Warranties and Quality Assurance.

Whatever your project is, SEATON PAINTERS AND ADELAIDE COMMERCIAL PAINTERS can help you - contact us today.